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Is Resistance Futile?

It is not resistance that is futile, it is existence on the individual level, if one takes the time to perceive it. Many have said it before and perhaps many will say it in the future, and it seems that it is being mostly ignored, for good reason, since the total, nearly total result of being totally aware of the truth, probable truth, will often render one afflicted by justified despair, not to mention the brutality of the human condition.

If we live in a simulation, then God, and every other god and goddess, could be part of the simulation, offering another reason to opt for atheism. Life should not seem to be so lacking if it is part of a simulation. However, the problem of pain and suffering would remain, as the simulation lacks any power to change it. The simulation has to work according to specific laws and probabilities, and thus, pain and suffering will always inhabit the realm of the living.

How quaint!

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