A mantinada typically consists of a Cretan 15-syllable rhyming couplet. Mantinades is the plural.

I Read the News Yesterday – A Handful of Mantinades (June 12, 2022)

I Read the News Yesterday
Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash

I read the news yesterday when my senses were still aware.
Any news today or tomorrow involve the same affair.

Another war of conquest by Caucasian pogrom thugs.
Another war on the horizon against Persian nuke buds.

Virus after virus in a viral visual display.
Every potential positive advancement is led astray.

Globalisation sounded more than good for the sense of touch.
Planes carrying pernicious baggage as they fly every hutch.

Most news have become opinions from the Left and the Right.
Any truth is being replaced with derogatory might.

The Beatles – A Day in the Life

He Came in Through the Door – Moving Mantinades (December 7, 2021)

He Came in Through the Door
Image (CC0) from PxHere

He came in through the door when the windows were both wide open.
With the shotgun, nothing else had to be broken or spoken.

She moved her head towards the blooming sky, as her plant looked up.
There were a few clouds building up a break-up in the flare-up.

They felt uneasy removing their masks in front of their kid.
Johnny only knew — the government forbid — his parents’ lid.

We ought to learn the difference between a fact and a lie.
One is true enough, the other is sly and easy to buy.

It happened out of the blue during a dead cold December.
There is not much else one could remember after September.