Anthi’s Pregnancy Could Have Even Pleased Patrick (August 24, 2022)

Anthi’s Pregnancy
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Anthi’s pregnancy could have even pleased Patrick
Who can never hope for a child with Athena
Although her love seems to impregnate him on sight
She remains a goddess with nothing iatric
Was this the wrong outset for a scherzo scena
Or the workings of a muse who turned to a sprite
M I mean me has only one muse in his life
Anthi Kanéna is also her pregnant name
Except that her pregnancy only shows at Nyx
When the dark hours with scintillating dreams are rife
To get pregnant was never our clandestine aim
Or the solution for those in need of a fix
Anthi’s pregnancy stands out as a growing tree
It is green and full of love dancing to be free

Player – Baby Come Back

To Write or Not to Write About the Past (December 6, 2021)
To Write or Not to Write About the Past
Photo by Eduardo Casajús Gorostiaga on Unsplash

To write or not to write about the past
May depend on the present and a day
What is a day in the scheme of things asked
Writing can span an eternity’s play
To write or not to write about your lips
Especially about the tongue within
As it rolls around my mind’s heart’s eclipse
Where all my deepest thoughts tend to begin
To write or not to write about Anthi
Is surely not a question but a view
To a thought knitting a sonnet for thee
In any afternoon you carried through
To write or not to write, to write again
About your words as they temper my brain