Shakespeare’s Shoes features Patrick’s and M’s fiction and nonfiction in the form of poetry and prose, often panegyrising the Bard as the greatest writer of all time until the end of human existence or the Cosmos, whichever comes first. Anthi Kanéna, Greece, trees, pussy, and AI appear to be dominant preoccupations, along with a number of admired humans. Many other topics are also addressed one way or another.

Love and the pursuit of the truth are two principal themes that permeate their stories like oxygen and water. Patrick and M seem to breathe love and drink the truth, although the latter is difficult to swallow given its inherent subjectivity. Too often, facts turn out to be assumptions, and these are beside the fake and thus forged ones. Love needs the truth, but truth can exist without love.

Truth is ugly. We possess art lest we perish of the truth. Nietzsche