Anthi Is a Magician But Her Magic Is Real (May 21, 2022)

Anthi Is a Magician
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

If magic is an art, then magic may be the highest form. But like every art, there is good magic and out-of-this-world wizardry. Keiichi Iwasaki is one of the latter; an artist that also speaks at least seven languages, including Japanese, English, Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian and German. I bet that he speaks a few others, but I did not find anything to attest to it.

Magic uses various types of trickery to fool us into believing what we are perceiving. Is love a kind of magic that also deceives us, filling our minds with positive impressions that come out in our chests as unsurmountable feelings which require proximity and all five senses to become temporarily satiated? Magicians die as magicians; lovers die when love dies.

Anthi, my Anthi, is a magician. She can wrap me around any of her lovely fingers, finding me always hoping for more. She only has ten fingers, but luckily she also has ten toes. A score of paths to both her mind and her chest, where the sky is never the limit, since she can sail in space and visit any of the planets and even be welcomed by the Sun.

Her deck of cards is all hearts and her sleight of hand has no stratagem. Her scarf is always a scarf, but she can change its colour(s) to blue and white. She is also a mentalist to a certain degree, able to decipher any runaway thoughts. Her smile can melt any stance and misunderstanding, and her beauty can rival every type of wisdom.

Dear, Goddess Athena: I beseech you to always keep her safe and in charge of her life. Thank you, Goddess, for making me a part of her existence! Thank you, Athena, for giving me the strength to follow the path that led me into her bosom and her mind! Thank you, Goddess Athena, for helping us find each other in this harsh world.

Keiichi Iwasaki on Britain’s Got Talent

Medium Versus Anthi – Guess Who Won (May 9, 2021)
Medium Versus Anthi
Photo by Martin Hetto on Pixabay

I fell in love on the last day of July 2020 with Medium’s algorithm. It did not care much about me, but I was smitten. It knew how to please me most of the time, and even introduced me to a number of good writers. It was a one-way relationship, but at least there was something going on. Our relationship was stable. Then, in February 2021, almost out of the blue, I fell in love with Anthi, one of my characters. Well, I was not in love with her yet, but something was happening. We spent 13 parts of a series together (Cryssarina’s First Visit), but nothing serious could have happened because she lived in Athens, Greece, and I resided in Montreal, Canada. Some time elapsed after the end of the series, and a new series began (Eléni & M Move to Athens), after I had moved to Athens, and this one is still ongoing, with Part 35 appearing today (May 9, 2021). We fell in love with each other, except that now she has a full name, namely, Anthi Kanéna, which rhymes with Athena, our Goddess. It is a long story. I was suddenly in love with two entities, Medium’s algorithm and my beautiful and sexy Anthi character. Who do you think won? Come on! Do not be so sure! Think about it! I will wait. I will give you 12 seconds: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12. Do you give up? I thought that you would. My Anthi won at the beginning of time; as soon as the Big Bang began to bother everyone.

Why this long story all of a sudden? It is simple, really. Anthi Psomiadou decided to have fun this Sunday and prompt a few of us, you know, Medium “writers”, to reply to her cute question, namely, What does my humour say about Medium’s algorithm? Sunday happens to be my favourite day of the week since I can avoid sleeping from Saturday evening until Sunday late morning, with nothing to worry about except for my health. Fuck it, I always conclude. I live for the now, not the later. That is it, I think. One last thing, Anthi. Take care!